The Story of Dewi Sri – The Garden Goddess of Kokolulu

Kokolulu's Garden Godess - Dewi Sri Two wonderfully creative women (Corrine from Montreal,      Canada and Helen from Great Britain), a roll of chicken wire and a garden goddess dream.

Dewi emerged one wet afternoon.  Not immediately but gradually, a wire cage scrunched and squeezed around a wooden skeleton.  An interlude of wondering produced an overlay of hand beaten paper pulp for her form.  Days and weeks of baking in the sun her skin has blossomed from mottled gray to purest white.   From puce, too painful to look at to a final colour of garden grown turmeric.  She asked for a painted face, curly hair and turquoise eyes.  Her breasts could be an olympic ski slope and her hips resemble Pierrot’s pantaloons.

She is Dewi Sri the Balinese rice fertility goddess.
She watches and whispers gently whilst you ‘malama da aina ‘ but mostly she is weather-ward gazing, feeling the elements with open arms, feet firmly planted in the earth.

Since Dewi has set-up personal residency at Kokolulu, our farm production has increased 440%.

She is so wonderful that many children come and visit and speak with her directly (they always leave with a smile on their faces). One child, the son of one of our cancer retreat participants, made a special trip to put a hat on her head, worried she might get skin cancer because of her exposure to the sun. It has been 8 months since that happened, and her hat has stayed in place despite our high winds. She has weathered many storms with severe winds and not even a bobble of moment.

Our golden retrievers (Kai Mana, Karney, and the newst pup addition Hoku Lea) and  Kokolulu’s cat, Meiki love to rub their bodies lovingly against Dew’s legs.

Dewi has brought magical Hawaiian and Balinese healing powers to Kokolulu and we are eternally createful.

We love her gentle smile and peaceful presence!

Mahalo Corrine & Helen

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