Board of Directors

Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats Board of Directors

Karin CookeKarin Whitney Cooke, BS, RN, President, Co-founder and cancer survivor

Karin is a Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience and research in allopathic and complementary and alternative medicines. She has a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health, and has experience as an Oncology Nurse as well as Clinical Research Coordinator, and co-author with Dr. Jeanne Achterberg on research of distant intentionality and healing. Additionally, Karin is a Cancer Guide/Wellness Coach, Nutrition Consultant, Auricular Acupuncturist certified by the National Acupuncture Association, Reiki Master, Qigong Teacher, and Teacher of Energy Medicine to university med students.

Karin was caregiver for her late husband on his 12-year cancer journey, and is a cancer survivor herself.  4 years ago she had a grand mal seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. She controls her seizures with qigong and requires no medication. She brings that healing experience into her personal connections with others on their healing journey here at Kokolulu Farm.

To find out more about Karin Cooke and Lew Whitney and their experiences in the health and healing field, Food As Medicine, and Qigong and a history of Kokolulu please click here – Mahalo!

Lew Whitney, M.Ed. S.H., Vice President, Co-founder, certified Natural Farmer and qigong teacher,lew B.S. Psychological counseling; M.Ed. Educational/Psychological Counseling; Certified Natural Farmer. Teacher, counselor, mental health therapist, energy and body worker with 40 years plus experience. Certified Chinese (trained in China) Shen Han and Zhineng Qigong teacher, therapist/monk with over 25 years experience. Lew has extensive experience in working with those who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses (like cancer, back issues, head aches, sleeping disorders.

To find out more about Karin Cooke and Lew Whitney and their experiences in the health and healing field, Food As Medicine, and Qigong and a history of Kokolulu please click here – Mahalo!


DelphiniaDelphina Dorrance

Delphina Dorrance is directly involved and dedicated to the development of educational, artistic and cultural programs, with a primary focus on the Big Island of Hawaii. She applies entrepreneurial skill in the development of childhood education, the teaching and the practice of holistic health and life skills, and the celebration of creative, sustainable, healthy community-minded living.

Her current non-profit activities include: vice-president and board member of Heartwood Institute, an educational residential holistic healing community in Northern California; board member of Ohana Homeschool Cooperative, a family centered nature and Waldorf-inspired experience for 2-6 year olds in North Kohala, Hawaii; co-founder of Perspectives, an educational enrichment association for North Kohala; and new board member of Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreat Center in North Kohala.

Delphina is also the co-founder and co-owner of the Blue Dragon Restaurant in Kawaihae, Hawaii, an award-winning al fresco dining, live music and dancing destination that features nutritionally prepared local, organic, globally- inspired cuisine and Big Islands’ top musical performances; founder of Blue Dragon Bodywork, a mini eco-spa providing a spectrum of licensed massage therapy modalities; co director of Touching The Earth, a land and real estate management company in North Kohala; and owner and founder of the up and coming Kohala Wishing Well Ferm Farm, fermented products for health and beauty.

Delphina serves on the Board of the Dorrance Family Enterprises and the Dorrance Family Foundation providing guidance and recommendations on foundation programs. She has a BA from Ithaca College, is a licensed massage and aquatic bodyworker, a licensed Realtor with Kohala Pacific Realty of Hawi, HI, has been the principal bassist with Kamuela Philharmonic for 8 years, and has a passion for exterior and interior design. She resides in Hawi, Hawaii with her husband Bennett and 3 young children.

KayKammerzell2Kay Kammerzell has over 20 years of professional experience in non-profit development and management. She earned a BFA degree from Western Washington University.  Kay is currently employed as Project Manager with Touching The Earth (TTE) providing management, administration support and program development for several projects. Prior to working with TTE, she worked as Executive Director of the Anna Ranch Heritage Center (Kamuela, HI), where she was responsible for growing the organization through educational program development, marketing & publicity, and community outreach. In 2001, Kay founded a non-profit, San Juan Islands Museum of Art & Sculpture Park (San Juan Island, WA).  As Executive Director, she developed programs and experiences with a national draw attracting 45,000 visitors annually.  Kay has been active in the communities she has lived in, holding positions on the Community Foundation Board on San Juan Island and serving as Commissioner with the Mayors Arts Commission in Bellingham, WA. Kay lives on Hawaii Island with her husband and two daughters.

Kay spent many hours in helping with the March 9 fundraiser at Pakalana, including selling tickets, securing silent donation items, and arranging for a music group to perform at the event. Recently Kay sat on the hiring committee for the development director position. She promotes Kokolulu every chance she gets and has heart and passion for the work that Kokolulu does. She will make an excellent board member.­

NancyWebsterNancy Webster (Nan) has served as Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats’ web master and web designer for over 12 years. She provides guidance to Kokolulu in the area of print media, computer and web technology; the design of advertising materials, brochures and business cards, and other Kokolulu needs to promote special events, retreats, and cancer client support. Her support of Kokolulu in the search of cancer resources to help Kokolulu’s cancer patients has been unprecedented. Nan has worked many late nights in order to provide Kokolulu with excellent web services allowing cancer patients to find our programs. 

Nan is a lithographer (having worked for several print companies during her career), graphic designer, web designer, and web host.

Nan and her husband Dick own a successful software development and web design company in Portland, Oregon. In 2012 Nan provided over 500 hours of service in support of Kokolulu.

Kokolulu also has a dedicated group of professionals on our Advisory Committee.