Board of Directors

Karin Cooke RN, Co-founder of Kokolulu (1999),

Karin is an RN with over 45 years medical experience and has conducted research in both allopathic and alternative medicine. She co-authored, with Dr. Jeanne Achterberg, research on distant intentionality and healing showing positive effects of qigong and prayer. She has practiced qigong for over 25 years and has studied, taught and practiced Qigong and various other self-healing techniques. Karin has trained intensely with several Zhineng masters from China for over 25 years. She is a Cancer Guide/Wellness Coach, Nutrition Consultant, NADA Certified Auricular Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, Zhineng Qigong Teacher, and teaches Energy Medicine to university med. school students. She has successfully treated her own epilepsy diagnosis for several years without drugs, using Zhineng qigong and nutrition. Karin was caregiver for her late husband on his 12-year cancer journey, and is a cancer survivor herself. She brings that healing experience into her personal connections with others on their healing journey here at Kokolulu Farm..


LuLu (Lew) Yinian Ha’ale i ka wai Whitney M.Ed. S.H. Co-founder of Kokolulu

Lulu has been a teacher/counselor/therapist/energy and body worker to adults, children, and families for over 45 years. He is an advocate for healing chronic illness, stress, behavioral and addictive issues using non-medication methods. After many years of extensive training in China beginning in1995 under numerous Qigong Masters, Lulu became certified as a Chinese Shen Han by Master Zhang, Yu Lei (who developed Zhong Guo Hui Gong (Chinese Wisdom Qigong) in the late 1970s. With the approval of the Chinese government, Master Zhang’s form of “super qigong” has effectively treated chronic illnesses, addictions and disorders in millions of practitioners). Kokolulu is home to the first Zhong Guo Hui Gong Therapy Treatment Center authorized and established outside of China. In 2003 Lulu began teaching and studying Zhineng Qiqong (ZQ) under many masters in China. ZQ and Zhong Guo Hui Gong are integral parts of the Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats Program and the Hawaii International Qigong Institute (HIQI) in Hawi, on Hawaii Island.

LuLu is a passionate, caring, and sensitive man, who comes from a heart space and believes that all people are resilient and that they can return to their true nature, bringing Mind, Body, and Spirit into balance to enhance optimal health.

LuLu welcomes anyone who is seeking spiritual and physical health to join us in Hawaii.