What Others Are Saying


“I returned home safe and sound with a new special spot in my heart for Kokolulu.  I do not have words to describe how awesome my experience was there with you both. Kokolulu provided shelter from the storm and  I now feel rejuvenated  and reconnected, exactly what I needed at this point in my journey.    My heart felt gratitude for your hospitality, your kindness and caring, your sharing of so many helpful techniques and ideas to incorporate into my everyday life.  I danced to the aloha song just a while ago, with a big smile on my face and wings on my heart-  Kokolulu right here in my little house.  I would love to come back one day and go even deeper.  For now I am going to focus on what I learned in those 5 intense, fun, powerful days; stretching, chanting and paying attention to where the attention goes and so much more!  Smiles and hugs to you both again for being who you are.

Debra, Hawaii

The retreat has helped me learn to listen, share my feelings, and communicate with others and meet new friends. I gathered so much information concerning breast cancer and all my other concerns that will help me put together an effective plan for healing myself from cancer. Karin and Lew were wonderful. The informal and caring way of dealing with the others and me made for a safe environment. The great tasting and organically grown food on the farm, the beautiful property, views of the ocean and mountains, great weather, and the wonderful clean air in paradise helped heal my body.

Lori, New York, 911 First Responder

What a wonderful and positive experience!  I felt loved and cared for by the staff at Kokolulu. I learned many effective tools that will help me deal with my breast cancer and allow me to heal myself. Both Karin and Lew were very generous with their time and helped me to get in touch with myself. The laughter and crying from all the participants was so helpful! Thank You Kokolulu!

Fran, New York, 911 First Responder

I am more empowered with new tools in my toolbox to kick out the SOB trespasser in my body. The knowledge I’ve gained has made me stronger to fight the fight and WIN

Moani – Hawaii

I came to Kokolulu with a serious diagnosis and found a caring, safe place to completely relax.  What I experienced here keeps the diagnosis from being a disease that runs my life.  Go to Kokolulu!  They are wonderful, you deserve it!

Eric, Missouri

It’s been a year since Barbara and I first visited Kokolulu and I still can’t get over the surprise at finding such a place. I was just extra baggage. Just keeping Barbara company. Suddenly I was taking in all of the activities that you offered. I guess that when you have cancer, your whole life evolves around it. You think about it all of the time, and so did I. Suddenly,  we were in an entirely different environment. I saw Barbara look and feel younger. The classes were terrific and we got a whole different prospective on our lives. Keep it up you two. And the food was great too. The thought of red meat and sugar are things of my past.

 Barbara and Alan, Seattle, WA.

There are many changes I have room to implement in my life; being at Kokolulu brought those areas to life! I am ready to move forward in a positive light to continue to bring positive energy into my life!  I am forever grateful to Kokolulu Farm for this life changing experience!

 Tanya, Colorado

When I came in May 2012 I was a lost soul, didn’t have a clue who I was and what I wanted out of life.  My time at KoKoLuLu has changed my life where I now have confidence, self-esteem and planning on opening a small business when I arrive back home. Thank you Kokolulu, Karin and Lew for this incredible journey!!!!!!!

Tana, Canada

“Mahalo Kokolulu for anticipating, helping fulfill my hope that I would be provided w/a strong and safe container in which I could sink and delve into my own depths & know I was held! (this was evident early on). The attentiveness to the “staff” of responding to every request I made, question I raised, need I brought, and wondering I shared. Being included in the activities & community – on-going. Your openness and ‘approachableness’ was very touching”

Mim  WA. 

Aloha Karin & Lew:

I just wanted to say thank-you so much for everything. I typically tend to be stand-offish of people, but I guess I sensed the love in your hearts. It was nice to be able to open myself up to someone, and not be critized for what I believe or what I think. I could really be myself, and it was nice.

Thank you for reteaching me, that there still are caring people in this world who give, and don’t expect. I really got to look inside of myself when I most needed to and rediscovered the passion I have for life. With each passing day (before with the cancer) I could feel it slipping away. Lastly, Thank you for giving me the ability to put trust back in my life. Peace! Joy! Love! Happiness

Ti’Are – Kentucky

More determined to make a change in this world & the western medical system.. opening hearts & minds of all who are closed – Jolene Ontario Canada

The retreat further brought to my attention to be more aware of myself, and pay attention to myself – to progress forward in life & let my guard down to love other people & let love in. The retreat came at the right time for me – something I needed.

The very healthy food definitely made me realize I can eat more healthy and I will work with my husband to work on this Vision Quest helped with stress. It was great getting the chi moving Qigong tolls will help keep the cancer cells away. Karin & Lew were so very helpful. It is comforting to know that they are always available.GroupTime

Gail – Hawaii

I learned that i am not alone in my fight with cancer. I also learned how to let go of what is holding me back –

Johnathon – Hawaii

Really enjoyed the visit to Nani’s Hawaiian gulch, the ocean healing place Hoooponopono and the private healing session with Lew –

Ceretha – Vermont

I am more empowered with new tools in my toolbox to kick out the SOB trespasser in my body. The knowledge I’ve gained has made me stronger to fight the fight and WIN

Moani – Hawaii