Mind-Healing and Qi Gong

“Maintaining order, rather than correcting disorder, is the ultimate principle of wisdom.”

From Nei Jing
(medical classic from 200BC)
Qigong (also spelled chi kung) is a practice that is over 4000 years old in China.  It is meditative, healing and spiritual and has been found to be a powerful way to maintain health, treat disease, and cultivate wisdom.  Tai chi is related to qigong as the martial art form of the science.  There are hundreds of forms of qigong in China today that vary in forms and techniques.  The aim of all qigong forms is the same: to help people achieve their optimum level of wellness; to make a positive impact to the well being of humanity.

How does Qigong work?  The body is enlivened by a life-force energy, which when blocked or weakened, can predispose a person to illness.  Treatments, such as Qigong, that can increase the energy flow can be curative.  Like a radio with a spent battery, a human body with low levels of energy (qi) performs poorly.  Qigong is the practice of bringing qi (energy) from the universe into the body, and the cultivation of that vital energy to flow throughout the body unimpeded by blockages. Blockages are formed throughout our meridians (energy pathways) by stress, improper diet, pollution and other environmental toxins.  Qi is the true energy of being alive, it keeps us healthy.  According to Chinese medicine, when qi and blood are circulating freely, there is no disease or pain.

Qigong masters refer to Qigong as a biological science.  It comes from the struggle of mankind against a toxic environment and illness, and has been effective for centuries in improving health and curing disease.  The effectiveness of Qigong comes from treating the mind and the body as a whole.  It is a physical as well as a mental exercise that regulates the three essential elements: MIND, BREATH, and BODY.  To practice Qigong regularly will optimize health continuously.

Masters profess that by combining both physical and mental work, Qigong transforms energy into qi (bioenergy, vital force, life-force, prana, ki, mana), which stores spirit, and in turn, spirit then nourishes qi.  In every movement there is exercise of the mind as well as of all parts of the body; while the qi is being directed to the internal organs simultaneously.  This process cleans out the channels (meridians) and nourishes the qi and blood.  Energy, qi, and spirit will then be sufficient in the body to nourish the inner organs and limbs so illness can be prevented or overcome and health improved.  This is an active therapy, capable of tapping one’s natural potential and curing disease with one’s own power.  The purpose here is to prevent disease, recover health, and prolong life to make a greater contribution to society.

The curative mechanisms of Qigong are the result of exercising the muscles, bones and skin externally, while refining enery qi and mind internally.

Through this exercise of the mind, breath and body, the qi and blood are allowed to flow freely around the body without any blockage. Qigong treats the mind and body as a whole, thus is very effective.   With continued Qigong practice, the accumulation of vital energy in the body will steadily increase.  As this energy gains momentum, it is capable of killing bacteria and malignant cells and increases resistance to disease.  The more time spent on one’s practice, the better the results

Qigong trains the will and the powers of concentration and can be an efficient tool in the transformative process.  To have a profound influence on the well being of the individual can collectively have the same positive influence on the nation and on the world.  Therefore it is worthy of our greatest efforts.

There are three important aspects to improving one’s health, curing disease and profiting from Qigong.  The first is CONFIDENCE.  You need to believe that through hard work and consistent practice, health will be improved and disease cured.  The second aspect is DETERMINATION.  Make up your mind to overcome all the difficulties.  Find time in your busy schedule to make your practice a priority.  PERSEVERANCE in carrying on your practice is important.

A regular life and healthy diet are an important part of Qigong practice.  Let positive feelings leave no room for the negative.  Accept things as they are. Those who suffer from chronic illness should take an active part in regaining their health.




     “Qigong is not connected to any religion or superstition. Qigong is a very special kind of life science. It studies the essence of humans, how to improve our potential through the connection with Qi, and how to enhance the quality of life resulting in good health, joy and longevity.
The universe is made up of Qi. In Qigong theory, Qi is invisible to the human eye, but can be sensed by the human mind. Our thoughts are a unique type of Qi. This kind of Qi is linked to everything in our existence. It affects ourselves and everything around us. Everything in the universe is material, including our ideas. Most of our thoughts are wasting our body energy but people become more careful to keep the Qi field clear when they realize that our thoughts affect our health, emotions and every action. It’s very special.  Once we are able to master the Qi, then we will be able to master our fate.”

 – Jianshe Liu, Qigong Master

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