About Us- Providing Sanctuary, Support and Education

LanaiAt Kokolulu Farm and Retreats we are committed to providing a sanctuary for people facing chronic illness or those wanting to improve their self care skills , support for them emotionally in a healing environment and education to teach them techniques and attitudes to give them courage, strength and love. We created Kokolulu Farm and Retreats from experiencing the same challenges our guests are facing.

We do this by taking care of the land and planet, as well as our guests by:

  • Providing information on and teach how to prepare healthy meals that help prevent disease, foster healing
  • Generating our own power via the sun in an environmentally conscious way
  • Growing alot of our own food – using organic farming techniques
  • Growing foods (using Master Cho’s Global Natural Farming techniques) that are shown to contribute to human health and a healthy environment

Just outside the small town of Hawi in the scenic North Kohala area of the Big Island of Hawaii, the Kokolulu Farm (a part of the non-profit charity, know as Kokolulu Farm andKokolulusigns Cancer Retreats Inc.) is situated on seven acres of rolling green pastures with breathtaking ocean views and spectacular Mauna Kea vistas. Gentle tropical trade winds keep the North Kohala air the cleanest in the world.

MediationGardenThis peaceful rural farm is ecologically responsible and environmentally sensitive. Solar and wind electric generation provide all its electrical power. All facilities and grounds at Kokolulu Farm are smoke-free. Organic food grown using Natural Farming techniques is supplied from Kokolulu’s own orchard and garden, or from local organic growers.

Beautiful landscaping, awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets, the chorus of tropical birds, rustling coconut fronds and bamboo, and the gentle presence of the three Golden Retrievers promote peace of mind, body and spirit. A Chinese temple offers a quiet venue for meditation and qi gong practice. Vegetable, herb and flower gardens offer opportunities for our guests to work with their hands while feeding their senses. Kokolulu Farm uses biodynamic and permacultural practices in its farming operations. Learn more about the birth of Kokolulu Farm. 

Seven Reasons to Consider Kokolulu Cancer Retreats (in addition to having fun and sharing laughter!)

  1. You will receive personal and genuine attention, care and compassion from our professionally trained and experienced staff.
  2. We take a special ‘ohana (family)-style approach to our retreats while personalizing our program to meet your individual needsGroupRetreatsPhotos
  3. You will experience and learn a holistic blend of ancient and modern Western, Eastern and alternative healing therapies.
  4. You will be given the tools to develop a mindset to empower and take control of your life and your healing journey.
  5. You always get to make the final decision. We practice respectful, interactive decision making.
  6. We are located in beautiful Hawaii, on the northern tip of the Big Island, which is renowned for its strong healing energy, friendly people, comfortable climate and some of the cleanest air in the world.
  7. Our remote location in the quaint town of Hawi offers you privacy and confidentiality with access to nearby beaches, waterfalls, art galleries and sacred Hawaiian healing sites.