QiGong Healing Retreat in China – Master Ning coming to Kokolulu in February 2014 for 6 months

QiGong Healing RetreatI am blessed to have been gifted the experience of a three-week Qigong healing retreat at the Hexianju qigong healing center on beautiful Hainan Island in China. Qigong is one of the powerful healing components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has much research to substantiate its effectiveness in healing disease and ensuring optimal health!

At this retreat, we spend 7 1/2 hours each day practicing the bodymind exercises that make up Zhineng, or ChiLel Qigong. There is a lady here with me who arrived a month ago with a new cancer diagnosis.

Her cancer markers were very high. After 20 days she went for her follow up blood test and cancer markers had fallen to near zero!  Another woman had a rare lung disease and much difficulty breathing. Several weeks later, her breathing is significantly improved and she has much more energy.
In addition to the daily practices, I was fortunate to receive a personal healing session with Master Ning Jian Xiong, who will be arriving at Kokolulu Farm and Retreats in early February 2014. He was a practitioner at the famous medicine-less hospital in China for several years before the hospital closed due to political issues.

From his treatment I experienced a profound peace but also a release of blocked energy along my heart meridian! Between the Qigong and Master Ning’s healing the heart arrhythmia that has been affecting me for many years, and worsening lately is much improved!

Lew and I look forward to introducing Master Ning to the U.S. When he joins the staff at Kokolulu February 5 for 6 months! please see photo of Master Ning taken today.

Karin Cooke, BS, RN
President, Co-founder
Kokolulu Farm & Cancer Retreats

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