Karin’s Upcoming Journey To China & Kokolulu’s New Medicine Less Healing Program

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Next month (December) Karin Cooke RN will be traveling to the Hexianju Qigong Centre on Hainan Island in China. She will be spending 3 weeks  with Masters Ning, Jianshe, and Ping in self cultivation qigong and learning the inner workings of setting up a medicine less healing program at Kokolulu in early 2014. Plans are to bring a teacher/practitioner to Kokolulu long term, who was an integral part of China’s Medicine Less Hospital. Karin’s background as a nurse and researcher of over 40 years in the western medical field gives her a unique opportunity to see how the powerful medicine less healing techniques used in China can help the students who come to Kokolulu affected by cancer and other chronic diseases. Many retreat participants at Kokolulu feel there is more they can do for themselves than they learn in the conventional western medical realm.Once the medicine less healing program has been started in 2014, Kokolulu will offer individual appointments, one day, weekend, week long and month long workshops, and a long term teacher/practitioner program all taught by a master who was a part of the original Medicine Less Hospital in China.

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