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Have you, or a loved one, ever had cancer?  If so, you know that life after such a serious diagnosis is never again the same. Treatments are expensive, painful, and frightening. The emotional fallout from living with cancer is challenging, whether as patient, caretaker, family member or friend.  Because the medical establishment focuses primarily on highly invasive treatments (such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation) the patient and their loved ones often experience a lack of support for the crucial work of detoxifying and beginning the critical journey toward wellness on the physical, mental, and emotional and spiritual levels.  One must first survive the diagnosis before getting onto the path of surviving the disease.  Often returning to life after cancer treatment is more challenging than the diagnosis or treatment itself.

Kokolulu Cancer Retreats Program, an intimate setting of 7 pristine acres on the Big Island of Hawaii, offers supportive programs for people with cancer, their caregivers and for health professionals. The Cancer Support Programs include week-long programs for people with cancer and their companions as well as day retreats, creativity sessions, qigong, meditation classes, bodywork and other support programs for people facing cancer and other serious diseases.   It includes many activities that have been scientifically documented as important to sustaining healing.  The local Hawaiian location, climate, and healing culture are among the highlights of the Kokolulu’s Cancer Retreats Program.

Programs are holistic and focus on mind-body-spirit using gentle exercise including Qi Gong, nutrition counseling, meditation lessons, body work (massage, Reiki), other stress-reduction tools and biofeedback training, along with information on the cellular processes of cancer and how visual information, imagery and imagination can improve cell health.

Caretakers frequently need as much assistance and guidance in coping with feelings as patients do.  Feelings of confusion, inadequacy and lack of compassion are common when watching a loved one go through a life-threatening disease.  However, as many people know, with help and guidance, cancer and its aftermath can leave one feeling enriched and human in ways not previously experienced.  Like most things in life, our reactions to intense events are more important than the events themselves.

For more information on Kokolulu Cancer Retreats Program, please visit our web site: www.kokolulu.org or call Lew or Karin at 808-889-9893.


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