Medicine-less Healing Retreats at Kokolulu Farm


Aloha and Welcome to Kokolulu Farm and Retreats

Come to beautiful, peaceful Kokolulu Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii to experience and learn a blend of ancient and modern Western, and Eastern healing techniques.

You will receive personal attention, care and compassion from our professionally trained and experienced staff as you the learn tools to develop a mindset to empower and take control of your life and your healing journey.Sunset photo of Kokolulu

Hawaii Island is known as the “healing island”. There is a special energy here that people from all over the world come to feel and use to help them in their healing journeys.

Food As Medicine – the BEST medicine! Learn how to achieve maximum health by eating well.  When on the right nutritional path, food can help prevent disease or reverse the progress and decrease the symptoms of many diseases.

Please join us and study/practice and receive healing from Master Peng Xiaoping, internationally recognized Zhineng Qigong teacher/healer from China.  Master Peng, who taught and treated thousands of  ‘students’ at the world’s largest medicine-less Qigong Hospital in China, has joined the Kokolulu staff for 5 months to teach and is available for individual  appointments. Master Peng is helping institute the Medicine-less Healing Program, where the focus on healing rests with exercise, love and increasing life-force energy.

The Medicine-less healing program at Kokolulu Farm, on the Kohala Coast, offers three types of healing retreats:

Peng FA Qi Koko reduced for newspaperZhineng Qigong Retreats

Come learn methods to rediscover your inner medicine; to fuse with the infinite creative power of the universe that is the origin of love, compassion, and the source of all healing.  By utilizing the ancient and healing lessons of Qigong, attendees learn that practice with the goal to heal oneself.  Learn more or register for your workshop or retreat.

Cancer Retreats

Free yourself from the stress and pulls of daily life. Come experience a slow return of energy and vitality as you focus on your diet, gentle exercise, relaxation and self-awareness; detoxify from stress from the environment and from the side effects of medical treatments. All of our researched based concepts and techniques are designed for you to take home with you and apply to your life and your healing. Learn more or book your retreat. 

Weight Loss QiGong with Master Peng Xianoping from China Coming Soon to Kokolulu – call or email for more information


A blockage in the flow of energy in the body manifests as disease.  Whether you are suffering from cancer or a headache, you do the same qigong practice.  Expanding energy out to the universe and bringing it back in, thereby accessing life force and creating its free flow throughout the body.  Qigong teaches us that it is thought that gives energy structure.  So our beliefs and the stories we have about ourselves take part in the creation of our physical bodies.  With our intention we can activate the innate wisdom of the body, a state of wholeness that exists as a blueprint within every human being.”         Teacher Vivienne Verdon-roe