Personal Retreat

rainbowhiloStart your healing journey now and schedule a personal retreat

If you are seeking personalized care and attention in a private, sanctuary setting – our 14 day personal retreat program is designed with you in mind.

During your stay here you can expect to receive one-on-one attention with our caring and professional staff members (we have no more than two people here during our 14 day retreats). All of our therapies, programs, excursions and workshops are personalized to meet your unique needs and situation. Our accommodations offer a healing environment with warm Hawaiian tropical breezes.

The 14 day healing intensive – Healing From Cancer  retreat gives you the time you’ll need to relax, get oriented and better prepared for your healing journey and transformation. Except during group retreats, Kokolulu Cancer Retreats in Hawaii is available to you any time of year. Learn more about fees and terms. 

Kokolulu philosophically embraces all modalities of medicine in the treatment of cancer. By combining Western, Eastern and Complimentary methods, a synergy is often achieved in healing that cannot be accomplished in embracing just one or two medicinal modalities.

Lodging and specially prepared meals are provided (most of the food comes from our organic farm or other farms in our area). We ascribe to and practice the philosophy Food As Medicine” – Is what you eat contributing to your wellness or your disease? We will share with you what foods are beneficial to you, how to shop for them, and how to prepare them.

Our cancer retreats offer you empathy and support to learn and heal in professionally led workshops that include sessions such as:

•    Using your cancer diagnosis as an event to redesign your life

•    Food As Medicine – is what your eating contributing to your wellness or your disease

•    Personal healing rituals and practices

•    Setting the intention to heal

•    Letting go of life-negating patterns

•    The power of gratitude

•    Embracing self-esteem

•    Living an authentic life- What is it for me?Gecko

•    Relationships – Food for life

•    Your illness as a messenger

•    Finding passion: what has heart and meaning

•    Living in the now; What is my medicine?

•    Dealing with doubt and fear

Bringing a Support Person

At Kokolulu, we encourage you to bring your spouse, partner, close family member or friend. Their additional support can be very important in helping you to adopt the new healing techniques you’ll learn while shedding old, unhelpful habits.

This partner will also gain new and valuable insight into your feelings. They will learn how to better support you and themselves during times of confusion, feelings of inadequacy and lack of compassion or understanding. These normal feelings are often associated with people who watch a loved one go through a life-threatening disease.

After your retreat, you will both walk away with an experience that enriches and improves your lives – together.

You can bring a supporting partner to the 14 day cancer retreat for an additional $1600.

Reasons to Consider Kokolulu Cancer Retreats

1.    You will receive personal attention, care and compassion from our professionally trained and experienced staff.

2.    We take a special ‘Ohana (family)-style approach to our retreats.

3.    You will experience and learn a blend of ancient and modern Western, Eastern and complimentary healing therapies.

4.    You are given the tools and mindset to empower and take control of your life and your healing journey. These tools include exercise, nutrition, meditation, qigong, reiki, massage, guided imagery, laughter and other relaxation strategies.

5.    You always get to make the final decision. We practice respectful, interactive decision-making.