Your Teachers

Your teachers for your personal and healing retreats are:  Teachers Karin Whitney Cook, RN and Lew Whitney SH MEd., and on occasion Masters Liu Jianshe and Zou Ping (from China).

KarinCooke2Karin Cooke, BS, RN, President, Co-founder, cancer survivor

Karin is a Registered Nurse with 45 years of experience and research in allopathic and complementary and alternative medicines. She has a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health, and has experience as an Oncology Nurse as well as Clinical Research Coordinator, and co-author with Dr. Jeanne Achterberg on research of distant intentionality and healing. Additionally, Karin is a Cancer Guide/Wellness Coach, Nutrition Consultant, Auricular Acupuncturist certified by the National Acupuncture Association, Reiki Master, Qigong Teacher, and Teacher of Energy Medicine to university med students.

Karin was caregiver for her late husband on his 12-year cancer journey, and is a cancer survivor herself. Several years ago she suffered a grand mal seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. She has controlled her epilepsy without the use of medication by using Zhineng Qigong in her practice She brings that healing experience into her personal connections with others on their healing journey here at Kokolulu Farm.



Lew Whitney, M.Ed. S.H., Vice President, Co-founder, qigong teacher, B.S. Psychological counseling; M.Ed. Educational/Psychological Counseling; Certified Natural Farmer. Teacher, counselor, mental health therapist, energy and body worker with 45 years plus experience. Lew has been going to China and has studied with 26 masters of qigong for over 25 years. Lew is Certified Chinese (trained in China) Shen Han and Zhineng Qigong teacher, therapist/monk. Lew has extensive experience in working with those who have been diagnosed with cancer and other chronic illnesses..


Zou Ping prayer hands under Palm Tree in Hainan

My name is Zou Ping, I was born in 1973 in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, China.

I came across Zhineng Qigong in 1992. One day I found a qigong book on my desk, put there by my older sister. I had never heard of qigong before and read it as one might read a novel to relax, I was very attracted to the book. Gradually, I became more interested in practicing qigong, I found that Zhineng QiGong (ZQ) can let a person become healthier, the mind clearer, the spirit of self-control is much improved .

ZQ led me to walk the qigong way and my life’s path was changed completely.

In 1997 I was accepted into the highest level residential healer/teachers’ course at Huaxia (the medicine-less hospital), taught by Dr./Master Pang Ming (who created ZQ and founded the medicine-less hospital). I worked there as a healer teacher for 9 years.

In 2003 four teachers/healers (including myself) from the medicine-less hospital established the Hexianju QiGong Centre in Hainan China.

I think relaxation is the most important factor in being healthy. Learning how to control your emotions is also important. Maintain a good mood and attitude and keep enough Qi in the body, and all disease will disappear.

I have a beautiful and gentle wife, her name is Yao Hongyan, she is also a Zhineng QiGong practitioner, she is a teacher of law of university teachers.

We are the harmony of the relationship, which is benefited by Zhineng QiGong practicing.

I will be on the team of Kokolulu until the middle of July 2015.

I will share my experiences with you, so that you can learn to improve your health. I look forward to meeting you. Hao La


Master Liu Jianshe,

Master Jianshe head photois 53 years old.
  He was first introduced to qigong in 1989 in Beijing and his destiny henceforth changed.

  Master Jianshe was born in the Chinese famine time and grew up during the ten years of the Cultural Revolution. He suffered mentally and physically during this time and from 1966  to 1989, he suffered from painful stomach aches throughout the three winter months each year. Since he have been practicing qigong his mind and body have changed greatly.  For the first time he felt so beautiful to be a human being! It was also the first time he felt proud to be Chinese!

When your life improves and you are full of energy, everything becomes beautiful in your eyes, everyone is kind to you. It’s true that you yourself change and the whole world then seems different.

Qigong brings people happiness and inner joy . Qigong gives more energy and strength!

Jianshe feels each day is the start of our new life, he says we can make our life more beautiful and full of energy every day! Master Jianshe has been engaged in qigong healing and teaching since 1991. He has spread qigong in cities and villages throughout China, Europe, South Africa, and the United States. He has witnessed many marvels of healing with his own eyes. Jianshe feels deeply that qigong can bring hope to humanity and harmony to the world.

Master Jianshe is the leader of the Hexianju Qigong Centre on Hainan Island China and has been a friend, teacher and colleague of Kokolulu for many years.


Master Peng was born in Jiangxi Province in the south of China and grew up with a strong love of Chinese Kungfu, He was determined to learn Zhineng Qigong after watching his parents suffer physical illness, due to hard labor during the cultural revolution, in order to help them recover.

Master Peng worked for 8 years at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Centre, known in the west as the “Medicineless Hospital”. It was known as the biggest healing and training qigong centre in the world. Over 200,000 people attended trainings and treatments at the centre. Over 180 different types of diseases were recorded, including all types of cancers.  Most of those treated achieved positive healing effects. At times Peng would do group healing sessions to over 4000 people

Peng served as  full-time personal assistant for Dr. Pang Ming, the creator of Zhineng Qigong (ZNQG) and founder and leader of ZNQG Huaxia Centre. Peng was personally taught by Dr. Pang and received “special information” related to healing and teaching.Peng photo at Hainan Center

In 2001 Peng established several qigong healing/teaching practice centres throughout China where he treated people with chronic illness. His centre’s included a successful Weight Loss Qigong program helping his students successfully recalibrate their brain’s response to over-eating, establishing new life long patterns to maintain “normal weight”.  He has over 25 years experience teaching and treating thousands of people with chronic illness to achieve better health and happiness in both body and mind.

Master Peng is married and has two young boys.


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