Chronic Illness/Pain and Cancer Retreats At Kokolulu

HawaiiWaterFallsLearn to Embrace, Empower and Enjoy Your Life With a Chronic Illness/Pain/Cancer Retreat

Life after a serious diagnosis such as chronic illness/pain/ cancer will never again be the same. This is a virtual guarantee. Modern health care has few resources to lend to training or care giving after primary or tertiary treatment.

Patients are sent home after medical treatment to care for themselves and simply don’t know what to do next.   Many are basically healthy and want information on expanded wellness, others need to recover and detoxify from treatment, and still others feel challenged by medical information on the probable length of life

Many patients say the return into life is more challenging than the diagnosis or treatment.  They feel changed and don’t know how to act upon the change.  They feel abandoned by the health system and anxious about recurrence of the disease.

At Kokolulu Wellness Retreats, your healing journey is our number one priority. Free yourself from the stress and pulls of daily life. Come experience a slow return of energy and vitality as you focus on your diet, gentle exercise, relaxation and self-awareness;  detoxify from stress from the environment and from the side effects of medical treatments.

retreatattendeesAll of our  researched based concepts and techniques are designed for you to take home with you and apply to your life and your healing.

Kokolulu philosophically embraces all modalities of medicine in the treatment of cancer. By combining Western, Eastern, Hawaiian and Complimentary methods, a synergy is often achieved in healing that cannot be accomplished in embracing just one or two medicinal modalities.


Kokolulu offers 10, 14, and 28 day chronic illness/pain/cancer retreats. Click here for a recent schedule and to book your retreat.

As with any therapy, healing transformation will take time. Personal retreats are customized to your individual needs.

If you are trying to raise funds to participate in our program, many of our participants have successfully used GoFundMe and  Indiegogo

Your registration includes a single or shared room depending on availability.  Your retreat includes all meals, all programs and excursions.

We offer Holistic Complementary and Alternative Therapies in dealing with cancer at Kokolulu Farm.

Depending on your personalized retreat, the unique healing experience offered at Kokolulu Wellness Retreats Inc. may include:

Therapies and Bodyworkmeditation

  • Food As Medicine
  • Qigong – Used successfully at the medicine-less hospital in China
  • Infrared sauna (found to be effective in reducing tumors and killing cancer cells)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Guided Imagery
  • Acupuncture
  • Zero Balancing
  • Laughter

MakalewenaBlue Activities and Excursions

  • Tropical nature walks
  • Organic gardening
  • Beach trips for sand and salt-water detox
  • Journal writing
  • Visits to sacred Hawaiian healing sites

Workshops and Sessions

  • Chronic Illness/Pain/Cancer and Relationships
  • Managing depression and anxiety
  • Dealing with fear and doubt
  • Reinventing yourself
  • Introduction to Hawaiian healing practices and special herbs


  • On-site staff nurse and therapist
  • Fresh, organic food grown on-site – papayas, mangos, pineapple, coffee, fresh vegetables and much more!

 Seven Reasons to Consider Kokolulu Wellness Retreats (in addition to having fun and sharing laughter!)

  1. You will receive personal and genuine attention, care and compassion from our professionally trained and experienced staff.
  2. We take a special ‘ohana (family)-style approach to our retreats while personalizing our program to meet your individual needs
  3. You will experience and learn a holistic blend of ancient and modern Western, Eastern and alternative healing therapies.
  4. You will be given the tools to develop a mindset to empower and take control of your life and your healing journey.
  5. You always get to make the final decision. We practice respectful, interactive decision making.
  6. We are located in beautiful Hawaii, on the northern tip of the Big Island, which is renowned for its strong healing energy, friendly people, comfortable climate and some of the cleanest air in the world.
  7. Our remote location in the quaint town of Hawi offers you privacy and confidentiality with access to nearby beaches, waterfalls, art galleries and sacred Hawaiian healing sites.GroupRetreatsPhotos