Words of Wisdom from Master JianShe


Master Jianshe’s words for today:
“Don’t worry about following a teacher follow your own mind.” But, of course, be cultivating our minds! Focus on positive information.  Qigong is a very effective tool to train the mind.
Master also said, with Qigong, some people with bad disease are cured completely in weeks or months while others with not so severe disease don’t seem to keep get cured. The problem is in the mind. Especially in Western culture, doctors tell patients they cannot be cured, or need to be on medicine for life, so people get that deeply planted in their mind. What is needed is a shift in the mind. The information we put into our minds brings results. Our physical body follows our thoughts.  Zhineng Qigong is a way to train the mind and body and to be in harmony with the universe.
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