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Kokolulu and Project Boobies Team TogetherThis year, celebrate the gift of supporting Breast Cancer Awareness by supporting Project Boobies, a new organization that dedicates up to 50% of profits  directly to Kokolulu Farm & Cancer Retreats – a Cancer Retreat Charity.

While many organizations support breast cancer by donating percentages of between 1-5 percent of total sales, Project Boobies will deliver up to 50 percent of total profits directly to cancer charities like Kokolulu Farms & Cancer Retreats – a cancer charity focused on the physical, spiritual, mental side of fighting cancer.

According to Founder Rob Schmidt, aims to develop awareness for early breast cancer detection and The Kokolulu Farm & Cancer Retreat non-profit through its efforts.

“I’ve been involved in corporate America for more than a decade and I’ve always been affiliated with cause-based efforts,” Schmidt said. “But for the most part brands donate only a small percentage of their business and we will to significantly change that method of making donations to charity.

“With Project Boobies, we’ve developed a new line of shirts that are geared to spotlight the need for people to be aware of their bodies to catch breast cancer early and make a difference. We wanted a name and logo that jumped out at you and that made you realize this is a great way to get something accomplished.”

Project Boobies has a new line of men’s and women’s breast cancer t-shirts now available online. Both the men’s and women’s apparel was inspired by Schmidt’s daughter and wife, to give hope and offer a sense of focus.  The logo features a breast cancer ribbon tied around one of the index fingers as a “reminder” to do self breast exams and mammograms to detect breast cancer early.

“Being able to deliver even a small slice of the funding needed to help fight breast cancer is an honor and we’re committed to doing everything we can both as a company and as entrepreneurs.”

Both men’s and women’s shirts are priced at $19.95. The soft-style ring spun cotton shirts come in S, M, L, XL and XXL; they are available immediately. The tagline “I Grab a Feel So Cancer Can’t Steal” encourages women to routinely check their bodies and get regularly mammograms.

Project Boobies raises funds for the chosen cancer retreat charity through the sales of its apparel online at For more information or to order, go to the Project Boobies web site or call (888) 957-4678.

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