Ni Hao from Karin at the Hexianju Qigong Centre Hainan Island China

This morning Anne and Fred left and this evening Widad and Rahima left. I’m now the only English-speaking Caucasian, non-Chinese left. Fortunately for me there is a delightful young Chinese woman here who is an English teacher to high school kids. So I will have one person I can communicate with. Though all the non-English-speaking Chinese women are taking me under their wings and we’re getting very good at sign language. Interesting I feel at ease with the fact the others have left. I think because I came here with such deep intention to do my own work.
The Chinese ladies asked me, thru Belinda, if I could teach them a hula! So last night I did! They were excited! It is a good thing I’ve  been practicing!
pagoda on lake China

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