Ni Hao from China

Lulu here from China. I am at the Hexianju Qigong Centre  on Hainan island for three weeks working with Masters Jianshe, Peng, Li, and Zho Ping. Learning many new qigong exercises to share with our guests at Kokoluku in Hawaii. I will be here for three  weeks.

The qifield is so powerful. Working extensively with Masters Peng and Li. Amazing teachers and Fa Qi healers.

I am also here to learn Loss Weight Qigong. If you know me you know I have struggled with being over weight my entire life. Loss Weight Qigong allows you to recalibrate your mind and develop new patterns around eating, exercising, and losing weight at the same time. More on my progress (I have been here two weeks now). This is a very important issue in my life and this program allows me to maintain my weight loss slowly so as to make it a permanent and healthy pattern


Have a Qi Fill Day

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