Kokolulu’s New Board Members

Delphina Dorrance is directly involved and dedicated to the development of educational, artistic and cultural programs, with a primary focus on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Her current non-profit activities include: vice-president and board member of Heartwood Institute, an educational residential holistic healing community in Northern California; and board member of Ohana Homeschool Cooperative

Delphina is also the co-founder and co-owner of the Blue Dragon Restaurant in Kawaihae, Hawaii, an award-winning al fresco dining, live music and dancing destination that features nutritionally prepared local, organic, globally- inspired cuisine and Big Islands’ top musical performances;
Delphina serves on the Board of the Dorrance Family Enterprises and the Dorrance Family Foundation providing guidance and recommendations on foundation programs.


Nancy Webster (Nan) has served as Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats’ web master and web designer for over 12 years. She provides guidance to Kokolulu in the area of print media, computer and web technology; the design of advertising materials, brochures and business cards, and other Kokolulu needs to promote special events, retreats, and cancer client support. Her support of Kokolulu in the search of cancer resources to help Kokolulu’s cancer patients has been unprecedented.

Nan and her husband Dick own a successful software development and web design company in Portland, Oregon.

 Kay Kammerzell has over 20 years of professional experience in non-profit development and management. Kay is currently employed as Project Manager with Touching The Earth (TTE) providing management, administraive support and program development. Prior to working with TTE, she worked as Executive Director of the Anna Ranch Heritage Center (Kamuela, HI), where she was responsible for growing the organization through educational program development, marketing & publicity, and community outreach. In 2001, Kay founded a non-profit, San Juan Islands Museum of Art & Sculpture Park (San Juan Island, WA).

She promotes Kokolulu every chance she gets and has heart and passion for the work that Kokolulu does.








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