Fund Raiser for Stacy Tucker (lead singer for Terrapin Station last night with Hawaiian singer John Cruz

IMG_2827Incredibly show and fundraiser for Stacy Tucker last night at the Palace theater in Hilo with famous Hawaiian singer John Cruz and the Hiccup Circus from Puna.

Stacy is battling a rare form of Endocrine cancer. Stacy was a guest at Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats – at the end of the show Stacy told the packed audience:

“I want to give a shout out to Kokolulu and Karin and Lew, without them I wouldn’t be standing here” brought tears to our eyes – this is why we do what we do and the reason Kokolulu exists

-Stacy is the lead singer for Terrapin Station and has three young children.

Please send your prayers (for many good years of happiness and good health) and support for Stacy, an amazing and talented young woman. We love you Stacy – We love you John, you rocked it out for Stacy

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