2 spaces left for this weekend’s workshop with Master Bu Xiaojing from China

Healing Yourself using Zhineng QiGong

with Master Bu Xiaojing from China

Weekend Workshop December 12-14 starts Friday at 6:30 – 9:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm $245 Please Register or call 808-889-9893Master_Peng_poster_nov.pdf

Master Bu Xiaojing is a QiGong medicine-less hospital trained healer/teacher in China. She is also an English teacher at a middle school in the north of China.


Ten years ago Bu was diagnosed with Lupus. Bu began to study Zhineng QiGong (ZNQG) and practiced diligently. She believes she recovered quickly and completely without drugs because of her firm conviction and deep love of Qigong. She currently teaches and practices Taiji and Zhineng QiGong (ZNGQ) to benefit from the effects of self-treatment and self-healing.


Bu will share teachings from her experience, help you heal yourself and others, as well as demonstrate Taiji Kungfu fan dance and Spoon Bending. She has joined the staff of Kokolulu Farm and Retreats as a resident Qigong Master healer/teacher and Taiji teacher and will be at Kokolulu for several months. She will be available for both individual healing sessions and offering QiGong Healing workshops

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