YIYUANTI – The truth of ourselves by Dr. Pang Ming

A recording/video by Pang Ming


Keyword: YIYUANTI (意元体): This is a special kind of qi that is generated by human brain.  

eng (): a musical note, in China, when someone calls your name, we reply ‘eng’, this is similar to the English word ‘YEAH’ – eng is indistinguishable, that is, it not have positive or negative meaning.

Pronouncing the word ‘eng’ silently

Then YIYUANTI will reveal itself

It can sublimate YiYUANTI into a pure state,

because eng is the reflection of YIYUNTI in the sense of hearing.

When you pronounce ‘eng’ continuously and silently, also from your heart

Then the state of ‘YIYUANTI’ will appear

It is like empty but not empty, as broad as the universe, gnosis (spiritual knowledge or mystical enlightenment) and harmonious         .

It’s a very clean, pure and transparent state

It is clear like a mirror.

The function of YIYUANTI is our innate knowledge and intuitive ability

YIYUANTI exists everywhere without being visible.

You use YIYUANTI all the time without noticing it.

We have YIYUANTI but we do not know about it.

Without me but I am everywhere

Without thinking but to know everything

Without responding but always responds to you

YIYUANTI is our master that determines our life.

We are not aware of YIYUANTI because of our stubbornness.

So it is hiding.

Pronoucing ‘eng’ silently

YIYUANTI will appear and be sublimated.

Inwardness and spirit energy will work naturally

The gnosis and spirit energy are integrated with body qi and qi of the universe

Then Yiyuanti becomes ‘HUN YUAN LING TONG’.

And it is very powerful.

It can go through everything no matter how fine it is;

It can be embraced no matter how big it is;

It can reach as far as you think.

It can go up as high as possible.

It can change everything.

It can create any form.

It can transform different energies.

It can produce any energy.

It can break anything no matter how hard it is.

It can go through anything.

It can resolve any poison.

It can heal any disease.

It can help you to achieve any wishes.

It can answer any question.

It can overcome any difficulty.

It can solve any problem.

It is so effective because we have so much potential in our Yiyuanti – like inwardness, spirit arises from ourselves, and also comes from the universe.

The human being is the ling (spirit)of universe.

And YIYUANTI is the highest state of development in the universe.

Meanwhile, It is in the universe.

So both YIYUANTI and spirit of the universe are merged together.

We talk about universe, earth, our body and Yiyuanti.

Universe includes solar system, galaxies and every kind of qi.

Earth includes all substances and its HUNYUAN Qi of the planet.

The consciousness of people is us ourselves.

We have physical body qi.

Qi of all the organs

Our brain’s qi


It contains LINGYUAN( spirit element) of our YIYUANTI.

When universe reaches its peak

Until now

there is LINGYUAN in Yiyuanti.

And this comes from the original ‘HUNYUAN QI’.

The LINGYUAN of YIYUANTI reaches to a higher level

And it is continuously rising spirally based on the original ‘HUANYUAN QI’.

So YIYUANTI can go through the different substances of the universe

and return to the original ‘HUNYUAN QI’.

Then we can merge ourselves into universe.

We talk about the universe, earth and the consciousness of human beings

Relaxing, melting, inwardness and HUN (oneness)

No matter at what level of space-time

All is embracing, absorbing and compatible.

This initiative is unique to Yiyuanti

Then it can merge different qi of the universe.

YIYUANTI also can be random and selective.

What kind of matter can be connected by Yiyuanti

and what kind qi will be strengthened

We need to be aware of YIYUANTI mixing with every kind of QI anytime.

Because YIYUANTI is compatible with every kind of qi in our body.

No matter where,

YIYUANTI is mingled with different levels of qi in each part of our body.

We often observe this state carefully,

from YIYUANTI to the human body, from the human body to the earth, from the earth to the solar system, from the solar system to the galaxy, from the galaxy to the universe.

Then we can go back from the universe to the galaxy, to the solar system, to the earth, to the human body

From human body to our YIYUANTI

Repeat it again and again and imagine it many times

Then our QI can connect with the QI of nature

We are in this effective QI

In reverse, effective Qi is within our body.

Effective qi is in our heart.

When we talk about the phase of integration

Body follows head; Qi comes from mind.

The universe, earth and human consciousness

Relaxing, gnosis, melting and HUN (oneness)

Relaxing – is the integration of space-time in the universe.

Gnosis – the effect of YIYUANTI.

Melting means Yiyuanti merging all kinds of qi

Then oneness state will be formed after melting and merging.

Therefore, we need often to merge ourselves into universe until oneness is experienced between our body and universe

And all is connected through QI.

It is a process of melting and oneness.

And the power is permeated.

We talk about ‘relax’ ‘spirit’ ‘melted’ and ‘permeation’.

After permeating and melting, it becomes a bigger integration of HUNYUAN QI

This is called ‘relax’ ‘spirit’ ‘melted’ and ‘HUN’.

When we are aware of the state of YIYUANTI.

Everything is connected – a state of oneness.

We call it – the integration of space-time.

YIYUANTI is also the state of integration of space-time

and the state of oneness.

We can also call it the state of ‘eng’

“eng” “eng” “eng”

So we pronounce “relax, gnosis, melted and permeation “, then we keep going to pronounce ‘eng. eng, eng……

We can also read ‘relax, gnosis, melted and HUN ’, and then ‘eng, eng, eng…..”

We can pronounce eng briefly

Especially we are not aware of the YIYUANTI

To read ‘eng’ briefly is better, eng eng eng eng

If we get the state of YIYUANTI, we read ‘eng’ slowly

We can repeat eng many times.

From speaking it out to reading it silently

From reading silently to read it from your heart

Reading eng many times eng eng eng eng……


‘Ling Yuan’ is a phrase created by Pang Ming and although he did not explain this,  the Chinese characters 灵元 have the feeling of ‘spirit element’.  Pang Ming created several words which he used to support his theories, such as Qichang (insert Chinese characters here, as above without brackets) meaning ‘Qifield’, and Yiyuanti (insert Chinese characters here, as above without brackets) meaning ‘the truth of ourselves’.

This is from Master Pang’s recording on 16th December 2014.

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