Why We Benefit So Much from the Practice of Zhineng Qigong?

Why We Benefit So Much from the Practice of Zhineng Qigong?

By Master Gao Yaqun

(Friend/colleague who trained & worked at the medicine-less hospital in China)

Modern science believes that normal human life processes, from a small cell to the complexity of an entire body, must all retain a physio-biochemical balance. To maintain this balance the body must exchange matter, energy and information with the external world. The metabolic process occurs through internal qi opening out, external qi gathering in and the two inter-changing. These changes and the process of exchange take place mainly on the membranous level. The change of qi at this membranous level can directly influence one’s life state. Change beyond a certain level will lead to illness, although usually the body’s functions will themselves adjust to bring about recovery. If these body functions cease, the body will die. These life processes occur naturally as part of the laws of life.

Zhineng QiGong science discovered this process of life and that the mind can lead and control this process of change. So Zhineng Qigong developed certain methods that intensify the process by which internal qi goes out of and external qi comes into the body to transform each other, thereby increasing vitality. This process changes natural life activity to become conscious life activity.


Benefits of the Zhineng Hunyuan Stage:

  1. It improves the ability of the mind to direct and control qi. It can bring qi directly to different parts of the body.
  2. It increases the practitioner’s control over their mind. The emotions become more stable.
  3. Brain ’s functions can be developed so one can experience the exchange of Hun Yuan qi.
  4. It increases connections between the human body and the natural world.
  5. It increases the practitioner’s qi, Making it plentiful. To make the human body healthy