Virtual Healing; QiGong Retreats – live from Kokolulu’s Temple



Virtual Healing and Qigong Retreats – Live from Kokolulu’s Temple

Kokolulu Farm and Retreats in Hawaii has been the gold standard in helping those you have been affected by chronic illness (like cancer). We have assisted over 5,000 individuals since 2004.

We are now offering retreats virtually from Kokolulu’s Chinese temple in Hawi, on the island of Hawaii. Featuring the founders of Kokolulu, Karin Cooke RN (who has over 45 years of nursing and nutrition, and qigong experience. Karin is a cancer survivor and controls her epilepsy without medication using qigong and Food As Medicine) and Lewis Whitney (who is a qigong monk, has over 45 years experience as a counselor/psychologist, physical and mental health therapist, and qigong teacher trained in China). All sessions are offered live with individual time allotted with every retreat participant.

The retreats are offered in a modular format:


  1. Food As Medicine
  2. Using QiGong to Strengthen Your Immune System.

Please contact us at 1-808-889-9893 for more details and costs.


lew at kokolulu dot com