The Eight Phrases – Dr. Pang Ming


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Eight phrases of Dr. Pang Ming to set the Qi/Chi field


Focus should be on feeling the body and contact with the Universe and not the translated words


  1. Tou Tian Chi Di

The head in heaven, the feet in the Earth.

Or: the top of the head expands up into the blue sky,

the feet go deeper into the Earth.

Ding = top, Tian = Heaven, blue sky, universe, space.

Li = posture, stand up, Di = Earth

The top of the head goes up into the universe/blue sky. The feet deeper

into the Earth. I am in the universe, I am everywhere.

Use this again and again, it is how we open to the universe. Open, open,

open to the universe.

There are no worries, no fear. You get nourishment from the universe.

You can repeat this anywhere, any time.

It is more than a sentence. It is good information, good energy that

happens again and again in the body Illness is already gone,

It is simple and effective.

  1. Xing Song Yi Chong

Body relaxes, mind expands.

Xing = body, Song = relax, Yi = mind, Chong = expanding out.

Body relaxes. Yi yuan ti – connect your head and the universe. Mind

qi is different than body qi.

Expanding out could be anywhere – it could be in the body, e.g. in the

knees. Inside or outside, anywhere. Sitting here, the mind can go to the

center in China. You can work your inside – e.g. illuminate your liver,

your liver is good. Or out to your child – your son is good etc.

The first two sentences create the chi field.

Zhineng Qigong really opens our heart. We are connected. Open your heart

bigger, like the universe. To all the world. There is no fear, no hate, no

separation. Yi yuan ti is a new word even for Chinese people. It means your

mind can expand anywhere.

  1. Wai Jing Nei Jing

Outside is respectful, inside is quiet, tranquil.

Wai = outside, Jing = respect, nei = inside, jing = quiet, tranquility.

Everything is already in harmony. Always peaceful, always tranquil,

always good.

Respect everyone – it is a good way to get rid of ego.

  1. Xin Cheng Mao Gong

The heart is clear and the appearance is humble.

Xin = heart. In this word, heart and mind are the same. The heart is

connected to the mind. Cheng = clear, like water. Very clear. Mao =

appearance, gong = humble.

If you practice more and are more humble, it is a good way.

If your heart is clear like pure water, your appearance will be humble.

  1. Yi Nian Bu Qi

Empty your mind or only one thought.

Yi = one, Nian = thought, Bu = no, Qi = mind

In your mind there are no thoughts, empty mind. Not even one thought,

empty your mind. You can think only one thought – your mind going

out to blue sky.

  1. Shen Zhu Tai Kong

Empty (expand) your mind out into the universe.

Shen = mind, Zhu = into, tai = universe, Kong = empty.

Mind into the universe, it is already empty. Think blue sky, then your

mind is already empty. Your mind is like water. When your mind

focuses into the universe, it is like water pouring. When your mind

focuses on the universe, it is already empty. Use your mind – think into

the universe. Think universe, open heart. It is already open. Empty at

NOW. Always now and peaceful. You are never lonely, you are always

abundant, always.

Your mind can be anywhere. Your mind connects to the head, but also

to the universe. Your heart is open to connect to all in the universe, to

get the knowledge from the universe. Life is abundant.

The sentence carries information.

  1. Shen Yi Zhao Ti

Our mind from the universe illuminates our body.

Shen = mind, yi is also mind, together shen and yi = mind and heart.

Zhao = illuminate (shining light), Ti = body

Our mind from the universe, like a light, illuminates our inside.

Sunshine mind. Our body is not only our physical body, but our qi


  1. Zhou Shen rong rong

The whole body is totally harmonized with qi.

Zhou = whole, Shen = body, rong, rong = the feeling SO good. Almost

like being drunk, very harmonized, relaxed, comfortable.