Rekindling The Spirit – Awakening The Senses

2018 international Zhineng QiGong healing retreat at Kokolulu


This transformational 5 day healing retreat will be held at the stunning Kokolulu Farm and Retreats in Hawi, Hawaii Island May 20 – 24, 2019.**

By attending this retreat you will learn to activate your senses consciously discovering the link between yourself and the present moment. As senses become enlivened, they blend and merge at a deeper level, creating an awakened state.

As we master our senses, we use these same skills for our journey inward, reacquainting us to another sense we may have forgotten to perceive from: that of the spacious heart. When one perceives from the true heart, all possibilities and transformative capabilities are revealed.

Lodging and Meals

For beginners or advanced practitioners


Retreat Experience Offerings:

Physical Practices:

-QiCore (Spine), Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down (LQUPQD), La Qi, Ming Mu Qigong -Vision Enhancement/Improvement Practice;

Practice in the Chinese temple or on the lawn with views of the peaceful serene ocean and the majestic Kohala mountains.

Intro to HunYuan Qi Therapy (HYQT):

-Healing Techniques to support self-healing and assisting others(Fa qi)

ZQ Theory:

-Zhineng Qigong Theory

-Body Qi Field

-Hun Yuan Ling Tong (HYLT)

-Organizing The Qi Field

Personal Development:

-Intention Setting – Living with Purpose

-Developing Consciousness, Courage, & Self Belief

-Compassion, Hooponopono Sacred Hawaiian Healing Practice of Forgiveness, & Gratitude Practices (Feel)

-Nutrition (Mental, Emotional & Physical) Food As Medicine (Taste)

-Nature Connection and Exchange (Touch)

-Cultivating Relationships

-Garden (Smell)


Alfie and Reyna Lerma

A unique aspect of this retreat is the partnership with Reyna and Alfie Lerma of Present Moment Learning (PML certified Hunyuan Qi Therapists and Teachers.

Karin Cooke RN and Lew Whitney  (co-founders of Kokolulu Farm and Retreats in 2001) with a combined 50 years of qigong teaching and healing experience both in China and the rest of the world will co facilitate this unique and powerful retreat.

Karin Cooke RN and Lew Whitney


You will leave having learned a practice you can use the rest of your life!

HYQT as part of the Zhineng Qigong (ZQ) system does not treat only the symptoms of disease, but addresses maladies at their root. It’s approach is not only holistic, it is also scientifically proven. HYQT is recognized in China as one of the most effective natural energy-healing modalities on the planet.
At Kokolulu we have many stories of success over the last 15 years – tumors resolved, cancers gone, back problems healed without surgery, epileptic and Parkinson tremors and seizures controlled without medication, lupus, migraines, sleep issues, to mention just a few
Limited To 15 Participants – Please Sign Up Now
(For beginners or advanced practitioners )
Cost of the 5 day retreat is $595 (excluding airfare, lodging, food, and transportation) and $495 if registered by May 15, 2019
*The funds generated benefit Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN 01-0954321)
To sign up for the retreat please contact Lew Whitney or Karin Cooke RN at or call (808) 889-9893 or visit Kokolulu’s web site
Kokolulu Farm and Retreats  P.O. Box 340 Hawi, Hawaii

Lodging and Meals

5 nights/6 days arriving on 19th of May and leaving on May 24

Airport Pick up and Delivery (fly into Kona airport – Airport code KOA) $90




Retreat participant receiving Fa Qi from HunYuan Qi Therapists


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Retreat participant receiving Fa Qi from Hunyuan Qi Therapists