Rashani at Kokolulu December 6, 2-3:30 pm

rashani in council
An artist and activist since childhood, Rashani has shared concerts, councils & retreats throughout the
world since the 1980’s. She took refuge in India with Ling Rinpoche in 1982, was adopted as a sister by
Brooke Medicine Eagle the following year and also met and studied with Joanna Macy around that same time. She was an assistant to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and her home near Cahors became the first Elisabeth Kübler Ross center in France. Rashani was ordained by Thich Nhat Hahn in 1992 and has been deeply influenced by several other teachers, including Faisal Muqaddam, Dhyani Ywahoo, Arnold Mindell, Peter Fenner and others. She has also been a facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie since 1999. Rashani skillfully interweaves her passion for earth-based spirituality and shamanism with self inquiry, the direct approach, process-oriented & Buddhist psychology, the Deep Feminine, mindfulness practice
and several decades of immersion in nondual traditions. She’s also a mother, musician, builder,
architect, farmer, grief counselor, the author of several books and the founder of Kipukamaluhia
Sanctuary in Hawai`i, where she offers individual & group retreats throughout the year. She was a song gatherer for many years and has recorded fifteen albums of songs and poetry.