QiGong Kids Workshop with Master Liu Jianshe from China:

January 28 – 29, 2017  – Kokolulu Farm, Hawi, on the Island of Hawaii


Limited To Ages 8-15

Master Liu Jianshe (from China) looks back on more than 25 years of intensive research and teaching of Qigong. As one of the few Zhineng Qigong Masters who were trained by Dr. Pang Ming (Medicine less Hospital), he focuses his training on topics of healing, balance, inner peace and personal strength as well as mental power. He is teaching in his Qigong Center in China as well as in Europe, South Africa, South America, and the USA. Master Jianshe is an expert in sharing the power and beauty of Zhineng Qigong with children and young people of all ages in order to support them in their growth journey.

By learning and practicing Zhineng QiGong children can expect the following results:

  • Establishment of inner peace and mental strength
  • Improvement of health
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Activating of self-healing power
  • Reducing feelings of stress
  • Improving achievements and results
Improving memory
  • Increase of extraordinary and improvement of cognitive skills
  • Emotional balance and harmony
  • Improved handling of problems and conflicts
  • Improvement of life competences and skills
  • Increase of self-confidence and trust
  • Promotion of intuitive power
  • Optimal use of creativity

Limited to 15 children (Ages 8-15 only) To register contact Lew Whitney at (808) 889-9893 or
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