Master Ning Jian Xiong

MasterNingMaster Ning Jian Xiong is an internationally recognized teacher and healer who received his training from a variety of Grandmasters in China at the world’s largest Qigong hospital. This “medicine-less” hospital, Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center, treated over 200,000 patients, with over 185 different illnesses, and with a 95% effective improvement rate.  Master Ning was a teacher and healer at the Center from 1992 to 1998 where he himself treated many thousands of “students”, as the patients were called. Many of these people had cancer and other severe diagnoses.  At times he would teach to groups of as many as 6000 students at one time!

 Ning decided he wanted to learn a way to help people heal and live healthy after watching his mother die of cancer.  He had observed thousands of cases of chronic and “incurable” diseases being healed at the Zhineng Medicine less Hospital and became a student of Grand Master Ming Pang (founder of Zhineng Qigong and the Medicine less hospital) and others.

He has since witnessed profound healing experiences through his dedication to the teaching and practice of Qigong. Master Ning’s teaching emphasizes activating the power of inner self-healing that facilitates the release of chronic illness, while improving health and well-being.  Students experience deep awakening and transformation through his teachings.

Ning has been a teacher and healer at the Hexianju Qigong Centre on Hainan Island in China.

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Master Ning is spending 6 months at the Kokolulu Retreat Center in  Hawi, Hawaii as a member of the medicine less healing program.  He will be offering  week-end and ten-day retreats (you can also opt to do 5 and 7 day segments of the longer retreats) as well as private healing sessions at Kokolulu.