Master Bu Xiaojing From China Joins Kokolulu Farm and Retreats Staff


Kokolulu Farm and Retreats (KFR) announces that Master Bu Xiaojing joined the staff of the medicine-less healing program as the resident QiGong healer and teacher in Hawi.

Master Bu Xiaojing is a QiGong healer and teacher trained by the medicine-less hospital program in China. Bu is also an English teacher at a middle school in the north of China. She also teaches and practices Taiji and Zhineng QiGong (ZNGQ).

In the 1990s, Bu was deeply affected by the ideas of Zhineng Qigong that she learned fromher parents but she practiced only occasionally. However, later as a result of being overstressed and overworked, she developed Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus) (to hear her story). She became too weak and tired to work at her job any longer. Bu began to study ZNQG and practiced diligently.  She believes it was because of her firm conviction and deep love of Qigong, that she recovered quickly and completely without using drugs. During the past seven years, Bu has traveled to all parts of China to learn, practice and teach qigong and Taiji (see her dance), and realizes both her body and her mind improved significantly. She often leads other Bu with Fan at Pyramid House reduced sizepractitioners to practice in the qigong centers across China. Bu has set up a network of classrooms to lead practitioners from all over China to practice every evening.

Additionally, over the past 8 years Bu has studied, and mastered, Yang style, Wu style and Chen style Taiji . In the past 4 years, she has learned Anticancer Taijiquan and Mother Nature Taijiquan and performs Taiji Kungfu fan, a type of dance.

Bu combines Taiji and ZNQG to achieve the effect of self-treatment and self-healing.  She believes that ZNQG gathers the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture in keeping oneself in good health. She feels she is a beneficiary of Qigong and plans to continue spreading the art beyond her native China to help more people everywhere learn to live a healthier and happier life. Bu has joined the staff of Kokolulu Farm and Retreats as a resident Tiji and Qigong teacher and will be here for several months. She will be offering weekend and two and four week intensive retreats at Kokolulu in Hawi, Hawaii.