Level 1 of Zhineng QiGong

Zhineng QiGong Level 1 taught by Master Zou Ping from China who was a healer/teacher at the Medicine-less Hospital:

For beginners wanting to improve their mental and physical health and those seeking to deepen their practice:

  1. The knowledge of the Hunyuan Entirety Theory including Hunyuanqi,Open & close, using Yishi (the mind).
  2. Teach how to build a qifield with 8 phrases.
  3. Teach the main points of the body used in Level One and the affects on the physical body.
  4. Learn how to regulate the movements of Lift Qi Up and Pour Qi Down.
  5. Strengthening the use Consciousness to feel the combination of mind and qi.
  6. Learn the method of Qigong healing therapy on yourself and others

In addition, Master Zou Ping will teach you the newly developed Yiyuanti exercise by Dr. Pang Ming (December 2014) who created Zhineng QiGong and founded the medicine-less hospital in China

More info: Please call 808-889-9893 or visit www.kokolulu.org