Healing Lupus Naturally with Zhineng QiGong – QiGong Master Bu Xiaojing at Kokolulu

Lupus Workshop – February 7-8, 2015

QiGong Master Bu Xiaojing is a staff at Kokolulu Farm and Retreats in Hawaii


Bu’s Story of Healing from Lupus:

My name is Bu Xiaojing from China. I am 45 years old. In 2008, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus etythematosus(sle). At that time, I was too weak to work. I couldn’t eat well nor sleep well. My face and my body was full of erythema. The index of my blood was quite abnormal. The white cells were much less than normal. All the doctors said there were no good method to treat the disease except for staying in the hospital to be treated with western medicine. Being afraid of the side effects of the western medicine, I refused to get the treatment in hospital. I tried the traditional Chinese medicine but it didn’t work rapidly for this was an emergency case.

Luckily I was reminded of Zhineng Qigong, which I have practiced for a short time several years ago. I have heard a lot of difficult diseases were cured through practicing. “Why not try Qigong? Maybe I can heal myself with it”, I told myself at that time. So immediately I went to a Qigong centre far away from my hometown in the south of China. I met a lot of practitioners there who suffered from different kinds of serious diseases. But most of them looked very happy and optimistic. Among them, a young girl who had the same disease as me inspired me the most. She told me that her disease was very serious and she had nearly died. But she got better and better through practicing qigong. So I made up my mind to practice following the example of her healing journey. I thought she could heal herself, I could heal myself too. From then on, I began to learn and practice qigong in the Centre. I practiced very hard every day .At that time, what I did and what I thought about was all about qi and healing except for eating meals and sleeping. Sometimes I practiced for 13 hours a day. I forgot about my disease and the troubles in my life. Every day I gave myself good information and also received good information from the qi field.

Day after day, I felt better and better. I gained weight and the erythema disappeared gradually. Every day I felt the change in my body. I was full of vitality again. After I stayed in the centre for 24 days, I went to the hospital to get a physical examination. The index of my blood was normal. The white blood cells increased as normal as a healthy person. It was amazing. The doctors had no method to heal the disease but I healed myself in such a short time without any medicine.

For the next six years, I kept on practicing qigong. Not only do I cultivate myself and keep a healthy state, but also I help others to get benefits from Qigong. Now I am happy and healthy. I appreciate everybody who came into my life and everything that has happened in my life. I devoted my life to Zhineng Qigong as a career and helping more and more people find the safe and effective way to live a happy and healthy life.

What is covered in this weekend workshop:

Master Bu will teach the exercises that she used to heal herself and help you develop the mind set to heal yourself.

1.Level One .Lift qi up and pour qi down. It involves gentle physical movements during which we direct Qi with our mind and combine our mind with Qi, through the physical movements of opening and closing. As a result, internal Qi goes out and external Qi comes in. This process of exchange enables Qi to circulate deeply and easily between the human body and nature. It helps us to have a strong sense of Qi quickly and with a sensitive body, we significantly increase the potential for improving our health and healing through this practice.

2.Wall Squatting

– This involves a gentle up-down movement of the body while facing a wall. The practice corrects the spinal structure and relaxes the whole body. It is a very effective stress reduction method and also gives a strong feeling of Chi. It helps the spine gather qi and create more fresh blood to enhance the immune system.

3.Three Centers Merge Standing Method

This method utilizes a proper alignment of body and centering of mind into a powerful posture designed to root the body into the earth, connect the three main meridians and collect Chi at the Dantian. The method can quickly attain strength and balance of energy. Mainly teaching