Healing Success Story

Here is a recent success story from DK (who attended a Kokolulu Retreat): “I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer 4 years ago. Surgery did not go well. I ended up with a colostomy bag and the cancer was still not gone! I went to Kokolulu Cancer Retreat (in April of this year) where I learned Zhineng Qi Gong and Food As Medicine. I continued going to qigong and cancer retreats and I practiced, practiced, practiced! I also received valuable nutrition information that I continue to use. I did do some radiation as well. But, by then I just knew that I was on my way back to good health. My last round of tests in September came back with the wonderful news that they could not find any trace of cancer in my body! A month later, I was able to have the colostomy reversed! I’m loving life!!! Thank you Kokolulu!”Kym photo