Agroforestry in Hawaii at Kokolulu

Agroforestry at Kokolulu

We have started an agroforestry project at Kokolulu Farm with the help of David Đoàn Minh Nhân (an agroforestry teacher and natural farmer in Vietnam) and members of our internship program: Medora, Kailey, Kyong, Luke, Sheela, David was here for a month and helped us transform our farm so that we can grow more healthy organic food for Kokolulu’s guests, while improving the planet.

David Đoàn Minh Nhân will be returning to Kokolulu this Fall to teach a “hands on” agroforestry course.

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Agroforestry or agro-sylviculture is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland. It combines agricultural and forestry technologies to create more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy, and sustainable land-use systems.The theoretical base for agroforestry comes from ecology, via agroecology. From this perspective, agroforestry is one of the three principal land-use sciences. The other two are agriculture and forestry.